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More countries around the globe are recognizing the importance of our natural resources and are subsequently focusing on developing renewable energies such as wind and solar power. By 2020, renewable energy technologies may supply more than 20 percent of the total energy requirement in Europe.

DEX, with almost thirty years of expertise in depot repair, provides invaluable insight and expertise to the renewable energy sector. Our solutions for the wind power industry range from repairing Electronic and Electro-mechanical components to technological innovation and advancements, and inventory optimization.

With the world’s reliance on renewable energy resources rising each year, DEX has become a leading electronic engineering solution for wind turbines by specializing in the repair of:

  • Controller Systems
  • Rotor Current Controllers
  • IGBT Banks
  • Other electronic and electro-mechanical components

Our repair expertise also includes a number of Cotas modules:

  • I/O modules
  • DC Input modules
  • DC Output modules
  • Analog Input modules
  • Analog Output modules

With decades of high-tech depot repair, DEX can reduce costs by repairing electronic and electro-mechanical wind turbine components instead of purchasing new ones. With our proven, repeatable engineering procedures to repair, test and certify these components, coupled with our extensive experience repairing wind turbines for major manufacturers, DEX is the logical solution.

The DEX Solution

With over 28 years of high-tech depot repair and electronic engineering expertise, DEX is the optimal solution for repairing critical electronic and electro-mechanical components for wind turbines. Value and high-tech engineering are DEX’s core strengths, and with our resources we have developed technological innovations that have improved reliability and longevity, in addition to increasing overall performance for our Wind Turbine clients.
Our highly efficient repair facilities are already repairing electronic and electro-mechanical components for Wind Farms across Europe and the U.S. reducing downtime and saving money. DEX’s “Best in Class” quality systems, with triple ISO certifications and tightly controlled verification and validation systems, provide the perfect solution for repairing electronic wind turbine components.

DEX Supply Chain Services

Today’s dynamic world requires innovation, flexibility, and technological expertise. DEX is an industry leader in supply chain services and provides many Fortune 500 companies with services ranging from depot repair, asset management and recovery to advance exchange and warehousing, our team of professionals can assess and analyze your individual needs, then customize a real-world solution that works. Let us show you how we can structure your supply chain to minimize downtime and loss of profits.
Additionally we have global procurement offices in Europe, Asia and the United States and a network of 4,000 suppliers who compete daily to provide the lowest price on parts we are sourcing.

The DEX Difference

  • World class and proven high-tech electronic and electrical repair solutions
  • Highly efficient repair facilities already repairing electronic and electro-mechanical components for Wind Farms across Europe and the U.S.
  • Best in Class quality systems with triple ISO certifications and tightly controlled verification and validation systems
  • Dedicated risk assessment and safety management system
  • Reduction in cost by repairing existing components versus purchasing new, improving operating margins
  • Limit downtime through increased spare parts availability
  • Increase life expectancy of turbines even after manufacturer withdraws parts support
  • Provides inventory management and real time asset tracking portals

Contact us to learn more about DEX’s renewable energy capabilities and how they can work for your business.

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